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Funeral Arrangement Costs

Americans arrange funerals for more than two million deceased at an average cost of $7,300 per funeral.

Many funerals go for $10,000 and up, ranking in some cases among the most expensive purchases many consumers make. A little research and planning can help keep funeral costs in check. Here are some tips from consumer advocates.

Types of Caskets

The purchase of a casket or coffin is an integral aspect of making funeral arrangements.

It is also typically the single, largest purchase related to a funeral. Unfortunately most people are thrust into making a decision about buying a casket when they are feeling extremely emotional.

Casket Purchasing Tips

Why do Americans tend to spend so much on a casket?

Well, you might want a grand display for a day or so. Some are even "more comfortable" with an innerspring mattress and adjustable head-rest. More likely, however, low-cost caskets simply aren't on display.

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